Equipment Lease and Loan Portfolio Acquisition

When you need to diversify your lease or loan portfolios, SAC wants to become your go-to option. SAC provides an “all hands on deck approach” to provide a very fast, seamless and accurate transaction process. We work hard to develop the most attractive offer, making the portfolio sales transaction easy, and allowing you to achieve target ratios for a more diverse overall portfolio.

Non-Performing Lease and Loan Portfolio Acquisition

Often when the mandate is to diversify a non-performing portfolio quickly, the default is to sell to the highest bidder. But why just entertain one option when you could diversify from your non-performing leases and loans with potential to stay whole or better? As yellow iron and heavy equipment lease and loan specialists, SAC offers creative winning solutions; perhaps incorporating unconventional investment capital or providing alternative channels to collect and remarket assets. Don’t just look to sell your non-performing portfolios, partner with a market expert who knows how to maximize asset value.

Debt Collection Services

In this economy, more and more businesses are entrusting specialists with their debt collection because they simply don’t have the available resources for successful internal debt pursuit. Our advantage is leveraging vast experience and the best resources possible for recovering delinquent debt.


What Makes Us Special

As a commercial equipment lender for nearly ten years, we’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all very well. We are a direct lender, which means no middlemen and no shopping through a syndicate. SAC is ready to employ our proven system to help other commercial lessors and lenders who wish to disengage from a portion of their performing or non-performing portfolios. We can review your portfolio and deliver a term sheet quickly and efficiently, and close faster than most.

Our Process

SAC has developed a proven and effective process for reviewing, purchasing, and servicing on both performing and non-performing leases. From a multi-million-dollar complete portfolio buying program to a single troubled commercial account, as a direct lessor SAC provides a suite of reliable options for lessors and portfolio holders.


Our Focus

Types of Transactions to Be Purchased

  • Equipment Finance Loans (PMSI)
  • Leasing (TRAC, Capital, Operating)
  • Equipment Revolving Lines of Credit
  • Debt Refinancing/Restructured Debt Financing
  • Fleet Rental Loans
  • Other types of transactions will be considered

Primary Industries of Interest

  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas

Please Reach Out

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